Care for the older person

*Susan contacted Private Home Care for support for her widowed mother * Joyce who needed assistance during the day. Although mobile, Joyce had a very high risk of falling and was also slightly forgetful. The carer visited Joyce every day and helped her to get up and dressed. She also ensured that Joyce followed her exercise programme and reminded her to take her medication. Our carer also made Joyce some lunch each day. The family have contacted us to say "May we extend our thanks to all your carers who we felt put Joyce as a person first and foremost in their great care of her. They all brought their special graces to her aid and we would like to reiterate what her doctor said that Joyce felt that she had all these people coming who were really interested in her."

*This is a genuine testimonial from a past client and the names have been changed to protect client privacy.


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Special thanks to you for finding us Sue, who became a personal friend and cheered my mother up so nicely and was such a kind companion to her. We always felt happy to leave her in charge, and we always felt on our return that *Dorothy was the better for her visits.