Assistance at a special occasion

*Karen and *Glen rang Private Home Care coming up to their wedding as they needed support and assistance in minding their daughter *Emily on the day. They wanted her to be kept in her routine as much as possible and to be happy. Our carer came to the house in the morning and was there to assist with Emily for the whole day. She gave her breakfast, watched while she played with her toys and got her dressed for the church. Emily even managed to have a little nap in the church before heading to the reception. At the reception the carer was able to give her dinner and watched as she played with her cousins. She was also there to get her settled for bed. Karen and Glen felt that Emily was a big part of their special day and was in all the pictures. Having a carer made it possible for everyone to relax and none of their family missed out on anything. "It was a comfort to know that Emily was being looked after. None of our family had to leave during the important parts of the day or change nappies while they were all dressed up. We would definitely recommend this service and would like to thank Private Home Care and our wonderful carer who fitted in so perfectly."

*This is a genuine testimonial from a past client and the names have been changed to protect client privacy.


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Thank-you for the help you gave me when I needed it. It was good to know that you all do such good work to make things easier at a very hard time for families